Sunday, November 27, 2005

Iraq - Time to go like Now !

Actually the answer is no.
If the United States leaves now, it will be the same situation that Afghanistan was left with the Taliban.
So we need not leave until there is a true semblance of a government, that can guarantee its citizens no violent death.

That being said, the administration and Congress have been short sighted and simple minded in their way to bring a true governmernt back to Iraq. So the problem is how to do this? Force is not the way, and it can't be the only way.

This administration has been slow to adopt a positive PR campaign in Iraq. They don't seem to understand or don't want to understand the idea to make alliances with the Suni muslims. The Suni's have been more likely to accept a democracy than the other faction. Remember it was the Shiites that captured our embassy in Iran. In turn, the Shiites are the majority in Iraq. They are also the ones who have tortured some Sunni muslims as well and in this case, the prisoners perfer having the Americans there.

Oh let us not forget, why hasn't Congress pressed fast and hard on putting more armored vehicles for our troops? Are they too worried about collecting their cost of living increase? Its strange listening to all these Congressmen getting on the political bandwagon, when these same Congressmen were the ones who decided to vote FOR invading Iraq. So can we really trust Congress doing the right thing? Unlikely, since they have yet to make sure our troops are safe in Iraq.

George W. Bush - President or CEO

Its quite interesting to see how many people are so gung-ho about George W. Bush and his policies concerning Iraq and even his plan to overhaul Social Security. It appears to me, he seems to feel he is not running a country, a governmental entitiy, but rather a corporation.

Most corporations do not want to hear bad news. Bad news is the bane of he CEO, so they make up a bulletin board or a suggestion box for changes to be implemented. Well, what normally happens is the policy is made the workers feel good and management does not act on the suggestions or on any negative criticism.

Ah seems like we heard this before, from the Bush administration. What is even more amusing in what I have given you, is the government is the PEOPLE's servant, not the people are government's servant. This is where the Bush adminsitration seems to believe they can dictate what we are supposed to support. They do not want to hear anything negative about their administration, and if there is anything said, then they shoot the messenger.

Don't you think its strange you have a political strategist in the White House, next to the President's Office. Reminds me a little about Himmler in Hitler's Third Reich, in oder to continue the message at all and any costs.

Just a few things that make you wonder.

After Politics..

Funny in New Jersey we have a new Governor, and of course we won't be able to pin him to the promises he has made. No we won't do that, why can't we? Beacuse years ago a New Jersey court, determined politicians are not bound to the political promises they have made...

Funny, that you and I are bound by the words we say to an officer during a traffic stop...