Thursday, August 23, 2007

A T & T - A good company gone bad

Its funny how a very successful company like AT & T seems to have gone bad.

A former leader in telecommunications its more like a fat old man who once was the quarterback for his old almer mater. Now only a call center, riding on the back of the local telephone companies with little or no interest in its founding country.

Yes, AT & T has lost a lot of its luster. Recently, it came to light how bad its gotten. AT & T call center is in India with people like "Jim" and "Jane" manning the phones. They one thing they know how to do is push to get sales. Regardless of what misrepresentation they have to tell a potential client. In my case, I simply wanted to go back to using their long distance service. Well as it turned out, long distance was not a go. They also signed me up for the toll calling package. The same package I get from Verizon. How did they do that when I said NO to toll JUST LONG DISTANCE. Well now they blame it on my responses to the third party questioner. Now mind you, they had told me that I could not question the third party questioner, no I could not, and say YES to all questions. If they understood that I did not want toll service, then why the question? Why even was it asked? Did they not wonder, he said yes to one and no to the other? Nope never crossed these nimrods.

Long story short, I have a bill for $170 that is wrong wrong wrong. Sure, I called the numbers now I have to pay. Even their billing department is antiquated and makes the state of New Jersey Tax Office like a modern day super office. These guys told me if I pay it before the eighth of September, to call them for the additional amount. Of course if I do not pay in full them my long distance service will be cut? Really now? Its a good thing I have T-Mobile a service provider I would say run to pick up as soon as possible , since these people have a clue on what is going on. Infact they can add previous billing amounts to current bills. Will rocket science ever cease? But lo, AT & T for them I have to call after the due date and talk to them on how I plan to pay off the rest of the balance less I have no long distance service? Geez what a shame, oh well bye AT & T.

Oh on a special note, if you have AT & T, leave the plan as soon as you can. The company is clueless on anything. They are not even clear in what they are saying. I even had the AT & T supervisor tell me he could adjust my bill if I was not calling my internet provider. Then when I said if I was not, he then changed his tune to say well no he could not do that as well. Oh so this is the clear communication I am expecting from this internet/wireless/phone company, where all of the call center people are simply hello my name is Jim nimrods?

So if you have Cingular... leave when you can, AT & T owns it. Soon all your wireless calls willl go to India, where no one will know the product, services, or let alone care about your concern. Just to protect their skinny butts.

SEE YA AT & T...

Oh as a follow up I want to see my high paid enforcement officials handle my complaint as well.