Friday, October 03, 2008

Wall Street Shakes on Financial Black Hole.. NJ sees blue skies

Do you wonder why most politcos in New Jersey seem totally clueless about financial restraint? Do you wonder if the New Jersey Supreme Court seems as if they are out of touch and out of their minds when they add billions of dollars of cost to New Jersey?

It makes the common working person in New Jersey say why can't I have what they have? Why is it the cost of living adjustment will go to the teachers and of course state workers, but you and I get that a cost of living increase above the inflation rate? Won't happen in the real world but it will happen in New Jersey byzantine beauracracy.

Your world deals with a financial meltdown. Your world deals with a company that you own or work for that is facing this credit crunch, that if not alleviated, will may cause you to have a depression, as in layoff.

The statehouse? The various directors are just totally clueless about anything around them. Governor Corzine? Oh he is just gone on his own and wants to BOND away your life savings. Remember the budget that was all approved by those legislators? Remember they all voted for it two weeks before the closing date? Oh yes, they voted yes to get to their vacations. A few weeks later, they wanted to tax you by a $40 fee added onto tickets. The great departure of people who were going to take early retirement? Well it never happened. Oh and those that did leave? Are their positions being filled? Who were they?

A lot of questions can come out from the public, and if it gets to Trenton, or even you locally legisislative representatives, well now that will be a real special surprise. Afterall, are you really paying them or the lobbyists or the party big wigs. It seems the common sense in Trenton has left, and what remains are greedy self-serving politicians. Their goal? Take as much of your savings and wages they can get away with.


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