Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Do Nothing Senators Run for US Presidency

US Senators
It’s interesting to note that we have running for office, three sitting United States Senators. All supposedly active in the Senate and of course all being paid by your and my dollars to be United State Senators. Well so what are they doing for your and my hard-earned dollar? Well you can see it every day you open a newspaper, watch television news or a webcast, these three US Senators are all over the place scrambling for delgates for their presidential campaigns. Of course the obvious question I ask “why are they not working to help you?” Every state they arrive at, they make their campaign promises today so that you can bank on that promise in the future.

It’s almost like a fishing story. Each US Senator tells you how great of a fisherman they are and how they are going to catch the biggest fish you ever saw, and this time around it will be different; the line won’t break, they will not fall off the boat etc. They pull you in close and say this can only work, if you, the American public buy them a boat. They will be the best fishermen ever, if you buy them a boat. Of course, they are working a fishing boat right now, and have never caught a big fish. Mostly what they have caught can be considered small to well maybe medium size. Nothing of any distinction compared to the other fishing people on the boat. But they insist once you buy them a boat, and let them be captain of their boat, only and that is ONLY then can they catch the big fish.

Good story US Senators, and we all heard it all before. There are a few more pressing things for us than listening to a good fishing story. The recession is now. Gas prices are increasing now. Our food prices are increasing now. So get off the campaign trail now, and play a part in fixing the country now. Unless of course, your contribution in the senate does not matter much now, this leads me to believe better for all, if you resign today.

As an update.. has gasoline prices still gone up? Has there been any new plans to get us out of this fiscal mess?


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