Saturday, February 25, 2006

War, Hurricanes and Ports Oh My ...

In the latest presidential, I can't believe I was not there, shocker, the administrtation has fallen to prey to Enronism. That slight behavior pattern of receiving the responsibility of running a corporation, but having no knowledge of the actions of subordinates. Oh for equal time, Senator Hillary Rodam-Clinton had the same problem with the White House Travel office as well.

So with the Ports being sold to a United Arab Emirates, a group of countries that trades as one, the people of the United States are saying huh? I mean, looking at it in the pre-wararguements from this administration, if there is a link, with Terrorism, thenthey are at war with us. So now there is no slight link? Just as Saddam Hussainwas supposedly linked with Al Queda, a link done indirectly with Saddam's Generals in one meeting with Osama Bin Laden's own lieutenents. The arguement is now that the United Arab Emirates is a good and loyal ally of the United States. I am sure George W. Bush believes Isreal is a good and loyal ally of the United States, but Isreal didspy on the United States as well. Just another thing to make one go hmmm.

Of course we have assurances from the administration, there has been an adequate review of the security concerns, the review of the port security and whatever else the media wants to add as port security.
Here is where I believe there is a credibility gap as large as the state of Texas. The first, is the Iraq War. The administration started by saying Saddam Husseinhad weapons of mass destruction. Then it went to nuclear capabilities with an immenentnuclear weapon. Now, its the nation building argument. So where is the credibility of the weapons of mass destruction?

Second let us look at the compentency to disaster domestically, with the devastation of hurricane Katrina. A part of Homeland Security, FEMA, led by a paying into the office lawyer, was warnedweeks in advance of an impending storm, what would need to be done, and to plan ahead.The final effect, total disarray from the office of Homeland Security. To which I may add, has also approved of the sellig of the Ports to the United Arab Emirates. How lovely is this picture? Well if they could not get their act together at that time, what makes anyone belive theywill now?

So I add thirdly, I add one very important note to the credibilty gap of the administration. Has the War on Drugs stopped? Have we, the United States government been able to STOP illegaldrugs coming through our ports? Consider your answer carefully, since if you believe the administrationhas made any and all assurances when it comes to the War on Drugs, why do we still have drugs coming in through our borders? Why do we constantly get illegal immigrants through our borders as well?If the assurance of security is coming from this administration when common sense deems it otherwise, thenthe track record of the GW Bush administration is failure.


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The UAE deal seems to be quite a flop on part of the administration, and I think Americans deserve a flat out explanation as to why we're suddenly leaving the door open to an Arab country that formally recognized the Talaban. Superficially, this plan seems suspicious and confusing, but I'm hoping the administration has more up their sleeve than they're letting on in the press... After all, some things just aren't as they seem.
Which leads me to my second point: the Hurricane "disaster". Yes, its an unfortunate circumstance, but there's more to it than the "tragedy of helpless victimization" that's so prevalent in our society today. Hurrican Katrine is a prime example of the deterioration of self-reliance and SELF-GOVERNMENT in our country. Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for themselves? Think about it:avalanche is coming, do you stand still or do you try to run? But in the case of New Orleans: No, I'm going sit here and wait for my $30,000 hellicopter ride to come. How many times in your life do you get to get rescued like in those movies?
These kinds of disasters happen yearly in places like the Phillippines, where the people have EVEN less than nothing, compared to the people of New Orleans.Just last week, an entire village was buried in a mudslide. I don't hear them blaming their government for causing it. (By the way, George Bush is not God, and he did not create the hurricane because he hates black people. If he did, would he have Condoleeza Rice, a black woman as his secretary of state? - but that's an issue for another time)But anyway, back to my fellow filipinos - What do the people do? They GET AWAY from the disaster, come back and WORK to rebuild their lives... people have legs and arms, people should use them. God knows, there's plenty of jobs out there.
Furthermore, what about those on the local and state levels? These are the primary responders - FEMA's job is only to coordinate with them. We haven't seen this sort of chaos in Florida - which has been hit with hurricanes, how many times? I lost count. But in New Orleans, What were all those school buses doing standing idle when they could have been transporting people out of New Orleans.What about locking all the people inside the superdome? Why were people just going to the bathroom wherever they felt and raping young women? What about all the killing? It seems to me, that despite the tragedy of natural disaster, these people were acting no better than beasts in the wild. The Hurricane has just been exploited as an excuse for chaos.
The liberal mayor and governor of New Orleans chose to politically capitalize on this tragedy.
America is no longer a land of independence. Its become a land of dependence, and I think the founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they saw the state of the nation for which they had sacrificed their honor.
As far as I'm concerned, Ray Nagin can rebuild his "chocolate town" - just don't use my tax dollars to build it. There are soliders fighting abroad who could use it better.

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Blogger IceNeedle said...

Well to LC...
So you wish to focus in on New Orleans. Fair enough. Please see my new post about New Orleans...

Fear not LC ... we actually have more in common than not in your observations of New Orleans and the disaster in the Philippines.

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