Friday, January 27, 2006

NJ Attorney General is not the real Attorney General

Its interesting the talk about town, is the new Attorney General is really not going to be prosecuting cases, since she does not have the prosecutor chops to do the work. Rather, it will be the second in command who will be doing the real prosecution. Now this philosphy comes back from former AG Peter Harvey. There was supposed to be a tough prosecutor who was to handle political corruption in our fair state.

However, what happened was we had, through Peter Harvey's office a person who let the former state police superintendent, Santiago free from a fine, since he had left the office of State Police Superintendent. Of course Harvey could not prosecute Santiago, because he was one of Jim McGreevey's boys. Let alone the simple favt it was fraud, well you know how it goes in Trenton, its a boys club.

So going back to our brand spanking new Attorney General, why hire her when you she is not going to actually do the heavy prosecution. Why waste my tax money, on TWO people when only ONE will do any real work? Why is my money being wasted on a figure head in the attorney general's position. Ah yes, now I know why, its New Jersey and we have to waste the tax payer's money as many times as possible.


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