Saturday, February 04, 2006

State of the Union: Forgotten America

Well not that I needed to listen to the State of the Union Speech. Most news organizations can highlight the main topics rather well. Not that most news organizations cover anything in depth, well since the advertising dollars are not there. No money, no video feed to that particular story.

There are two sticky points which the Administration of President Bush highlighted, the need for more math and science courses. Now that is a brilliant thought. According to the President, as prefaced by many CEO's which the president has spoken with in the last number of weeks. They are telling him we need to have more scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in our work force. Citizens who can understand the complicated math, to operatate the newest equipment and protocols in our very high tech environment.

Well, how well said President GW Bush. Now of course you have that little memory problem don't you. Your first memory loss problem occurring when there was a massive layoff announcement by Ford Motor company. Laying off all those engineers, because well of the economy. How encouraging to hear industry want more scientists and engineers, but alas no jobs. Well, there are jobs, just at much lower wages. Wages more akin to the wages in India and China.

But then, what does this Administration do instead? Well instead of decreasing the overhead of government, more spending is spent on the government. Tax decreases in special rarefied tax brackets, but no change for the day to day wage earner. Congress still gets their $10,000 a year increase because of cost of living. Their increase in some cases is the wage of an American citizen.

So President Bush, let me ask you a difficult question, did your daughters graduate with a Science or Math Degree? If not what are they doing now?


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