Saturday, February 04, 2006

Incomptency Paid in New Jersey

I find it amazing how the United States Attorney never charge our former incompetant Attorney General Pete Harvey. His last comment about the JCA case and corrruption linking George Norcross, was the standard in New Jersey. So much incompetance, enough to botch up any clear legal case. When was the announcement made by US Attorney Chris Christopher? Well Pete Harvey left the building when the announcement was made.

Oh when former State Police Commissioner Santiago was playing a shell game with tax payer money for his new and improved office, Pete Harvey did not convict him or bring any charges. Why? Well Mr. Santiago left so there was no need to prosecute him.

What a pitiful tale in New Jersey. I am sure both great citizens in the McGreevey Administration will still get their state pension. That is right, my money will be used to pay for these incompetents.

Looking at incompetancy in New Jersey, specifically in state government, let's review the New Jersey tax department. The same department that used a service to collect unpaid taxes, that was now being prosecuted for poor record keeping and methods of extortion that would make most organized crime members cringe. Is there anyone to blame there? Of course not, this is New Jersey government we are talking about.

Oh isn't it great we have the School Construction Corp. and not a single person or group can explain to anyone in New Jersey what in heck has happened. There is 6 billion dollars lost, and does anyone in Trenton know who to blame or remove? Nope. Seems like there is no one at home to blame and therefore is another oops in New Jersey.

But I think we have a bigger problem in New Jersey, is the addicts in the Assembly and Senate. Yes they are shaking with need to take in their fix. They are screaming they need their fix. They want money. They want MY money again to pay for their stupid mistakes, their lazy brother and sister in laws who can't even get a real job and to pay off any and every small interest group. Of course they will always say how important anything and everything is, but the reality is, wake up. I truly think each NJ assemblyman and state senator should only work with 10% of their pay then talk about living in NJ. I know its hard for these honorable people to be cut cold turkey, but its far more than fair. Since these addicts get an automatic cost of living increase.


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