Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hurricane Katrina... My truth

I will be quoting from LC for reference..

"the Hurricane "disaster". Yes, its an unfortunate circumstance, but there's more to it than the "tragedy of helpless victimization" that's so prevalent in our society today. Hurrican Katrine is a prime example of the deterioration of self-reliance and SELF-GOVERNMENT in our country. Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for themselves? Think about it:avalanche is coming, do you stand still or do you try to run?"

Valid point LC, but if you are in a city your entire life, can you get a car to run somewhere? Can you also pay the hotel bill? That is why the city was supposed to have the busses organized and bus the residents. However, because of the beuracratic morass of New Orleans, no one beleived anything that catastrophic could happen to New Orleans. The mayor in this case probably was notified, but let us not forget the New Orleans police were considered on of the most corrupt municipal police in the nation.

But anyway, back to my fellow filipinos - What do the people do? They GET AWAY from the disaster, come back and WORK to rebuild their lives... people have legs and arms, people should use them. God knows, there's plenty of jobs out there.Furthermore, what about those on the local and state levels?

The case with the Filipinos is tragic as well as the tragedy with the Tsunami a year ago as well. Tragic in the case, and with so much less notice by the media as to the blame factor. George Bush did not creat Katrina nor did he aim Katrina to New Orleans. Rather, it was nature's laws that were enacted, and that is what hapened. As to getting away from the disaster, please see above again for SOME of the population that could not leave. As to the people rebuilding their lives, I have to say, its perhaps FEMA and the local government that is hampering people from returning. The people would want to return but can't because they have not been cleared to do so. Next, let us not forget as well, the real issue that no one seems to ask. Why would people not leave with this disaster? Well could it be perhaps it was the New Orleans police that people did not trust? Maybe on another issue the LC did not go into was the other fact that local towns did not want the denizens of New Orleans to come to their clean suburban towns.

These are the primary responders - FEMA's job is only to coordinate with them. We haven't seen this sort of chaos in Florida - which has been hit with hurricanes, how many times?

Actually we have LC, its just not covered as well. For example, the FEMA people have actually been very dilligent in colletgin loans and the like from the people of FL. Also, a few months ago, there was a questionable issue when it came to FEMA's emergency relief. Also, most of the state of FL already expects to see a disaster with a hurricane. So the state was the prime mover for relief, FEMA was a federal backup.

I lost count. But in New Orleans, What were all those school buses doing standing idle when they could have been transporting people out of New Orleans.What about locking all the people inside the superdome? Why were people just going to the bathroom wherever they felt and raping young women? What about all the killing?

Ah do we listen to the hype of the news media or the rantings of people whoe do not trust the New Orleans police and the New Orleans government? I think it was the collective malaise and paranoia of the people the citizens of New Orleans who did not trust their municipal government nor did they trust the police. The same police department known for corruption and lawlessness.

As to the school busses being parked and idle. Well blame it on the city of New Orleans. What was not mentioned by the press as well were the number of churches that wanted to send buses to New Orleans and the surrounding area. However, who did not come through? The state of Louisiana AND the City of New Orleans.

Thank you LC for some of your insights as well.


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I've been missing you. School will be out in 3 days. I'm so ecstatic.

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That entry was refering to answers from someone that I was interested in. I believe that I will not be returning to school until Spring 07.

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