Thursday, October 02, 2008

AOL and now no FTP

Okay so its a bit technical. Its the Geek in me coming out.
Seems like the free ride on AOL for FTP hosting is gone. Long gone are the communities we had at AOL Yes, AOL since it has made its service free sees no need to hog the bandwidth with blogs and of course web pages made by us crude users. Good bye dear Webpage of yore...

Now of course if you are paying for AOL, why ask about technical issues since not a single person can answer it. Even at the premium rate there is no need to keep it online since well they are only interested in the rather expensive insurance that is not worth a thing.

Did you know AOL 9 and above can easily corrupt your computer if you are not running Windows XP? Quite true.... happened to me with AOL 9.0. Of course they are always saying how great their service is.. that is if they can tell anyone who still wants to pay for a call center in India.


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