Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Corzine Governor of New least once

Its funny why so many political punduits are worried about whether or not Governor Corzine will have a second term. Personally I don't care if he is only a one term governor. The real issue is, he has forgotten his promises and gone for the standard way all our governing officials have gone. More interested in cronies and contributors than the people who have elected him.

He seems to think that increasing taxes and a light reduction in force in New Jersey seems the best way for the budget. Of course Senator Menendez has said how brave Governor Corzine is for creating such a hard but realistic budget. Perhaps Senator Menendez should go back to Washington DC and get New Jersey more money rather than clapping his hands like one of those mechanical chimpanzees.

So why has there not been cuts across all departments?

Now he is still pushing the thoughts of more taxation. Of course he is increasing spending as well. Why increase spending? I mean the budget is supposedly tight, and he is not cutting, but putting money into stem cell research. Why would he put a gamble on stem cell research? Maybe he has fogotten the stupidity of the School Construction Corporation funding. Why has he forgotten? Because it was not his problem. So how will he know the monies spent on stem cell research will be going to effective lines of research? He won't. He will trust in Boss Norcross and other political punduits to tell him what to do with the money, but not oversee how the money is spent.

Oh well, we are again screwed in NJ with our political cronnies..