Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dateline - Axalto- Owens Mills No more..

Well according to the press, the Owens Mills Axalto State of the Art Card facility, formerly known as MALCO, will be closing its doors soon. 100 employees will be losing their jobs, and its a shame. A shame that the investment made by Axalto for the best and new facility that would lead Axalto to the higher plane of Smart Card Preminence.

Yeah right. MALCO fell under the wheels of incompetent merger mania. The same thing it felt when taken over by Schlumberger and as the names changed to protect the incompetent innocents Axalto. Even Axalto was combined with the real Smart Card company, called Gemplus.

Many would say MALCO was working hard to continue under the adverse evoomy. Well, half truth in my opinion. In the last decade, MALCO was actually surviving because of Lou Bisasky. Through his leadership, the company had done well, even though he sold out to an oil compnay called Schlumberger.

Bisasky had been able to shine his star constantly as an indespensible part of the Schlumberger MALCO family of high tech companies. Around 1999 or so, with the Y2K threat looming, her "resigned" and was transferred from his part time duties as GM for DANYL-Schlumberger to full time duties as GM for MALCO. However, the tale does not end there.

Around 2001 or so, Bisasky returns back to his digs in DANYL-Schlumberger to mainstream this bastion of unahppy folks to Schlumberger High Tech Color Office colors. With a massive paint job throught the interior of the offices this bastion of never do wells, according to Bisasky, has now been mainstreamed. Of course in classic Schlumberger Bisasky standard of doing things, they never check to make sure the walls are fully painted. Rather, most of the walls are painted around, moveable bookcases are not moved, just painted around.

The purpose of the entire paint job, and snow job to the employees at DANYL-Schlumberger, is mainstream them to be part of Schlumberger. The reality is to SELL DANYL-Schlumberger as welll as the Schlumberger-Sema empire in a few short months. What is interesting, the manufacturing parts servers were moved to Owens-Mills for the DANYL-Schlumberger group and the parts lists junked because of "too much" disk space. This at a time when 10 GB would have cost $60.

So I am glad Lou Bisasky's shinning star has been set. He may have really believed he would continue to go forward in the Axalto world. The reality is, he was too far away from his masters. Or perhaps his masters finally realized they had a white elephant that was not really their own.