Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nice Blue Trucks

Its interesting how a large corporation can use the Rosanne View of Truth. Oh I am sure most of you have forgotten RVT, its pretty simple, since Congress has been using it for years now. There really is no such thing as truth, but if you want to promote a "truth" simply repeat the "truth" loudly and as many times as possible. So eventually, people believe this braying truth as that, the real "truth".

So when I worked for this unnamed company, I worked on the jettisoned tech half of the business. Yes, my very small company didn't have all the wonderful controls of the parent company. This very wise company would surely lead our own limited resources company to business Nirvana. Ah one would dream and think. Well after aquisition, it appeared as if all would be well. Except the new management didn't exactly know how our business was run. Eventually, the management readily agreed, they were clueless about our business.

Now mind you, it eventually was interesting to hear how our small division, was considered the ornary and dissatisfied division. The unhappy campers was another name our division was called. In fact, some of the upper management even had the gall to say, they were hoodwinked by our accounting, painting a rosier picture than the reality. What the management forgot was, a very important accounting firm was working for weeks pouring over financial records and the like, so maybe they should have checked with their accounting company they hired. What is so funny you are dealing with a company that has a worth of at least 1000 times my original company.

Re-Arrange the Deck Chairs Please
Before our assests were sold to another company locally to us, what was amusing, was months before how we were given a link to look at the standard office environment. Funnt, our office environment did not fit the standard. Also, the new standard colors were painted througout the offices. Again, to emphasize the importance of employees could be anywhere and have the same colors, and standards. Well at this point we asked if we were going to be sold, and of course management was clueless. Funny how they could be clueless, oh sorry, that was a standard for them to always be clueless, except for the next position hop.

So once our company was sold, what was amusing was to see, all the painting that had been done, well was not completely done. All the bookcases that were now moved, could be seen framed with the new painting done a few months before.

The symbolism was amusing for me, painting not completely, but enough to make it look nice. The standard of the company policies and procedures... make it look nice, but don't be thorough.