Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Colin Powell... Do you really know the tech industry

Well Colin Powell along with his wife are now the spokespersons for literacy in America, especially the innner cities.

How nice, to say the least that we have two responsible individuals who have come up to tell us what is wrong with inner city children who do not want to graduate from school and may impact our national security. Same droaning I had heard before. However this is what really ticks me off...

Colin Powell stated that "the best software engineers are in India". What planet is Colin Powell on. I can see he has been hooked by major software companies to beleive this sort of drivel. He has been stuffed with the fine pablum from these very fine and respected software industries to believe what they would like to push through our very well paid and bribed for Congress in hiring more H1-B visa people.

Well Mr. Powell, wake up and smell the coffee. Its not that we have a talent shortage here, its because you and others who have been paid for by my tax dollars can now pontificate on the fact that these fine software companies cannot find native talent. Hah!!!! The reality these fine software companies have no need to pay software engineers and coders 20 to 30 USD an hour. Rather they would pay 5 to 10 USD for coders who have no problem receieving those amounts and do not have to pay 30 to 40% of their wages to a bloated government.

Yes, Mr. Powell a bloated government that keeps taking my tax dollars for little or no performance. The same government that made a trillion dollar mistake by going to Iraq. The same government that pays pork barrell politics with my hard dollars. But of course Mr. Powell you fail to see that, since you do believe these software companies are trying to find workers in the US, really now? I think you should check out your own contemporaries in the military and see if they are serving the government os sub-contractors.

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